6 Secret Tricks You Should Know About WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp has made communication fun by offering some of the most amazing features. Anyone having access to a smartphone and the internet can create an account on WhatsApp without providing any information except a valid mobile phone number.

The high-tech app allows exchanging text, photos, videos, voice recordings, links, GPS locations, documents, and more stuff. It also offers audio and video calls to individuals or groups. 

Apart from the known features, there are some options that are not known to everyone. Many of us are not familiar with most of the WhatsApp hidden features and tricks. You may have to struggle to find out these features.

In this article, we have discussed secret tricks everyone should know about the top-notch instant messenger. Read on to know more about the WhatsApp messenger and make your chitchats more entertaining.

Read Messages without letting the Sender know

If you do not want to respond to a certain message or message sender, you can read messages without letting the sender know. Two blue ticks appear on a message as an indicator that the receiver has read the message. You can prevent these blue ticks from appearing on the message with a simple trick.

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Turn airplane mode on and open WhatsApp to read the message. Close the app and remove it from the list of currently used app to stop it from running in the background. Now turn off the airplane mode and the message will appear as unread. If you want to do this for every WhatsApp message you receive, go to settings, then privacy and turn off ‘Read Receipts’.   

Spy on WhatsApp Activities of Someone else

There is a spy app that lets you read WhatsApp chats of someone else. You can secretly and remotely monitor every WhatsApp activity of your concerned persons by getting their smartphones installed with the WhatsApp spy app. The app gets access to the target’s incoming and outgoing messages and calls and uploads to an online portal from where you can retrieve them.

Read and Send Messages without Touching the Phone

You can read and send messages via WhatsApp messenger without touching your phone. Let the virtual assistant read and send messages on your verbal command.

The android phone users can use Google Assistant and the iPhone users can take the support of Siri. These assistants help you send and read messages without typing or touching the phone. On receiving your verbal command your VA will follow your directions making your communication easier.

Stop Media from being Automatically landing into Phone Gallery

It is obvious that not every photo or video received via WhatsApp messenger deserves a place in your phone gallery. Luckily, you can stop forwarded media files to be automatically saved to your gallery. If you are using an android phone, go to WhatsApp settings, then chats and turn off ‘Show media in the gallery’.

The iPhone users can prevent photos and videos from getting downloaded by turning off ‘Save to camera roll’ in chat settings. You can also change preferences for downloading photos and videos received from individuals. Go to chat and tap on the name of the contact. Open ‘Media visibility’ in Android and ‘Save to camera roll’ option in the iPhone and choose suitable settings. 

Insert Emoticons and Doodles into Photos

You can edit your photos by adding text, emoticons, and doodles to it. Go to chat; tap on attach option; select gallery and then choose the photo to be sent. The photo will open in a photo editor where you can add filters to that photo or insert text or emoticons. Edit your photos and make them more interesting before sending them to the contact.

Delete Accidentally Sent Messages

The instant messenger lets you rectify your mistakes. If you have accidentally sent a message you can delete it immediately before letting the receiver read it. Select the messages; tap on the dustbin icon to delete the message.

WhatsApp will give you three options asking whether you want to cancel deletion or you want to delete the message for yourself or for everyone. Tap on ‘Delete for Everyone’ to get the accidentally sent message deleted from both sending and receiving the device.

I hope you would have found these tricks interesting. Keep visiting us for more information regarding phone spy apps, software, and digital media. 

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