How to Protect Privacy While Surfing Mobile

You may have heard about massive data breaches, bad minded people exploring your photos shared on social networks and the list of digital annoyance may just go on. However, it does not mean that you can’t have control over it. All that you need to do is improve your privacy online by following a few tips. Read on and explore more!

  • Check Your Social Privacy Settings

Almost every one of us has a social network account on Facebook and a lot more other places, and it contains a lot of information about you. You may be surprised to know how much is visible to even people who are not on your friends’ list. Hence, it is suggested to check your privacy settings and decide what you want to show to strangers or nothing at all. 

  • Keep away from using Public Storages for Private Information

Nowadays, oversharing is not only restricted to the social network. You should also not use online services that are for sharing details to store your private data. Example – Google Docs is not an ideal place to keep a list of your passwords, and Dropbox is not the best platform to scan your password and keep – unless all are encrypted and then kept.

  • Keep Your Primary Email Address & Phone Number Private

What is your reward for sharing email ID and phone number in today’s digital age? Nothing, but tons of spam in your mail and many automated on your smartphone. Avoid sharing your details with casual people on social networks. If possible, try to create a separate ID for all other works and a separate number for all such calls. 

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  • Use Messaging Apps with End to End Encryption 

These days, most of the modern messaging apps use encryption, but they may also be hacked if there are any loopholes. You should not let that risk make the fun of messaging your friends ruin. Hence, always ensure to go for end-to-end encryption – it means that even service providers can’t see your messages.

One of the best examples of end to end encryption is WhatsApp. Facebook messenger and more options do not use end to end encryption. You would need to initiate a secret chat to enable that. 

  • Always Ensure to Use Secure Passwords 

One of the reasons why your digital life may be spoiled by hackers and other people is when you have weak passwords to safeguard your private information. You may not be able to remember long and complex passwords for all the services used and hence; it is recommended to use a password manager. You should also use long passwords on all platforms, use diverse passwords for each service. 

  • Review Permissions for Browser Extensions & Mobile Apps

Browser extensions and mobile apps keep asking you for permission to access files or contacts in your device storage, use camera, contacts, location and more. Some apps may not work at all unless you give permission.

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But, some of them use your information to create a profile for marketing without your approval. Hence, you must be double sure which apps you give permissions. For browser extensions, you should not install any of them unless you really need them. 

By following these tips, you may be able to live a carefree digital life and without the risks of being annoyed. 

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