WhatsApp Group Admins Can Now Set ‘Send Message’ Permissions

WhatsApp New Feature Update

There is a new feature in WhatsApp, rolling out in the coming days, after which Group Admin will get more rights. This feature has been released for the Whatsapp Beta Android app’s 2.18.201 version and the iPhone App 2.18.70 Stable Version. In the new feature, the WhatsApp Group Administrator is able to control the ability of other members of the group to send messages to that WHATSAPP group.

The new feature group is present within the settings menu. Here’s a feature called Send Message. It can be toggled between the admin or all the participants. We have used this feature on Whatsapp Android (beta) and iPhone. It has been reported that this feature will be released soon for Windows Phone in addition to Stable 2.18.191 versions of WhatsApp Android.

The new Send Messages option now comes with Edit Group Infobox, which is present in Group Settings with the option of All Participants and Only Admins. This feature will also be available only when there is only one admin in the group. At the same time, all members of the group will be given information in this regard through Broadcast Text Messages.

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This update comes in the wake of WhatsApp pushing for business account adoption on its platform in India. Many companies buying or selling the product through this platform have been disturbed about the right to send non-essential messages to other members of the group.

After this feature has arrived, this popular app will have the facility of removing Spam messages and restrict the user to send unnecessary messages. According to WABetaInfo, this feature is being rolled out to the stable version of Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. On the other hand, compared to other platforms for iOS, this feature is being rollout much faster.

The group admin control for WhatsApp was first released in May. During this period, the Group Administrator was given the right to decide on group description and changing the icon. Apart from this, the group admin can reduce the rights of other members. It was also confirmed by the update that any admin from the WhatsApp group will not be removed by the other admin.

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