How to Check PNR Status & Live Train Status on WhatsApp

Check PNR Status & Live Train Status on WhatsApp

If you are bothered by keeping separate apps in the smartphone for all information such as the Live status of the train, PNR Status, So this news is very special for you. Because it can reduce your phone’s space and your problems. let’s learn how to Check PNR Status & Live Train Status on WhatsApp.

Indeed, IRCTC has made an agreement with the travel company Make My Trip. Under this, Make My Trip will provide the live status of the train to the passengers. That’s also via Whatsapp. Now passengers will not need to call 139 to get information related to the live status of the train, PNR status, & upcoming station. In this article, we will learn How to Check PNR Status & Live Train Status through WhatsApp.

To avail of this facility, there must be some important things to take care of. The most important of these is that you have the latest version of Whatsapp & working Internet Connection too. If you have to know the status of your ticket then keep the PNR Number. If you wanna know the live running status then keep the train number.

Store MakeMyTrip Whatsapp Number in your Phone

  1. Open your smartphone’s dialer first.
  2. Type ‘7349389104‘ here. Let me clear, It is the official Whatsapp number of MakeMyTrip. Then save it in the contact.
  3. Storing this number on the phone, open WhatsApp on your phone. After this, refresh the contact list.
  4. After this, search for the Number of MakeMyTrip in contact List. After that open up the chat window of this Number.
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How to Check live train status on WhatsApp

  1. To check the live status of your train, type the train number in the chat window and send it. For example, type 12309 and send it.
  2. After you hit send, you will be provided all the details of the train status, such as whether it has started, departure station and time, expected arrival time, etc.

How to Check PNR Status on WhatsApp

  1. To check the status of the train ticket, send the PNR number by typing in the chat box after the PNR in the chat window. For example, PNR 1234567890
  2. After this, you will find PNR status details in your chat box.

Once you hit enter, the company will access the PNR details from IRCTC servers and will be able to tell you if the seat has been reserved and share the coach details or the current waitlist status.

You have to take care of some other things during this. The message sent by you like MakeMyTrip has been delivered to the Whatsapp number. If you are able to see two ticks next to the message text then the message has been delivered. MakeMyTrip gives all this information from the IRCTC server. It is possible that sometimes it may take some time to get answers.

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