FUE Hair Transplant Procedure & Benefits – Dr. Harikiran

It is now possible to change your appearance thanks to advances in medical science. Hair restoration has evolved into a simple medical operation, thanks to modern techniques like Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE.  The goal of FUE is to help you achieve the hair you want. Following the definition of your expectations, your surgeon will … Read more

Hair Transplantation- Frequently Asked Questions

Hair loss has become a hot topic among all nowadays. You, too, must be concerned about your hair and have come to our page to get answers. Aren’t you the one? There’s a good chance you have a lot of reservations about hair treatments that can help you repair your hair. Continue reading to get … Read more

Getting beyond BMI for a More Complete Picture of your Health

People who are often underweight, overweight and obese are often at the risk of getting some common and chronic disease that may hamper their overall health. A doctor may advise them to go through the BMI test to know where they stand. Based on their BMI scores, they may be directed to a dietician who would … Read more

Best Hair Transplant in India & Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant cost in India

Usually, hair transplant techniques have been developed in the U.S by the food and administration department. But India has also achieved great strides in the cosmetic industry. India has its hair transplant techniques. There are numerous causes due to which people complain of hair loss on a massive scale. The problem of hair loss can … Read more

Crooked Nose Surgery- No More Wandering For Exact Guidance

There are many reasons that cause a crooked nose or a bent nose. It occurs due to deviated septum or dislocation of the cartilage of nasal bones. Even in some cases after birth, the nose starts growing maligned gradually. From the front view, crooked noses are visualized prominently and it is clearly distinguishable. Most of … Read more

Elliptical Trainer Benefits: Reasons to Use Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Trainer: Overviews Circular trainers are probably the best home wellness equipment. They are authentic cross trainers that work the upper and lower body. If you buy an amazing model that allows you to change the slope and the state of the step, it includes a diverse and complete disposition of muscles that are practiced … Read more

COVID-19 Scare: Factors to Consider When Requiring Employees to Work Remotely

Apparently, businesses and/or firms are some of the most severely affected since the whole world faces the unceasing spread of coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19 pandemic. One by one, countries and/or communities take action to help control the outbreak [of the pandemic] by implementing home quarantine, partial isolation, and even a total lockdown. With … Read more

Here’s Why You Should Choose Homeopathy Medical Treatment

What is Homeopathy? Homeopathy can be described as the branch of science which is based on the idea that the body can cure and heal itself. Homeopathy came into existence in the late 1700s in Germany and has become one of the most preferred forms of treatment in many European countries.  The basic belief of … Read more

COVID-19 Lockdown: 7 Super Foods To Stock In Your Fridge During Home Quarantine

Impulsive buying or panic buying. That has been the response of most people from different countries and/or communities around the world to the implementation of home quarantine in light of the coronavirus disease spread.  Due to people’s impulse to have or secure enough stocks of necessities at home, most grocery and convenience stores [of all … Read more

What are the Signs that a Knee Replacement is Wearing Out?

Knee replacement is one of the most common joint replacement procedures worldwide, followed by hip replacement surgery. Knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged or disease knee joint is replaced with an artificial prosthetic implant. The surgery is usually recommended to treat pain and the inability to move the knee when other … Read more