Best Hair Transplant in India & Hair Transplant Cost

Usually, hair transplant techniques have been developed in the U.S by the food and administration department. But India has also achieved great strides in the cosmetic industry. India has its hair transplant techniques. There are numerous causes due to which people complain of hair loss on a massive scale.

The problem of hair loss can occur both in men and women. Hair transplant techniques are different in India as compared to the foreign countries. Usually, those persons who wish to get a hair transplant done who have less hair. Hair transplant is effective in treating baldness in a person, be it men or women. In the article, you will learn about the hair transplant treatment in India and its costs. 

Hair Transplant Treatments in India 

There are numerous hair transplant treatments in India, like FUE, FUT, direct hair transplant, PRP, and robotic hair transplant. Among all these treatments, FUE hair transplant is the best. FUE hair transplant bestows the benefits it gives to the customers, like it uses advanced technology. There is less discomfort in this hair transplant treatment. Moreover, it is affordable, and the recovery rate is fast. Every hair transplant treatment has a different cost owing to the procedure they follow. 

Hair Transplant Cost in India

People usually think that hair transplants are very costly. But that is not the case. They are expensive but in foreign countries, not in India. These days, more and more people are getting aware of the hair transplant and their costs. Due to the widespread awareness, people came to know that it is affordable. In India, the cost of hair transplant gets calculated according to the follicles transferred. There are no fixed costs as such. There are several factors on which the cost depends. 

Factors Influencing Cost

  • The first factor that influences the cost of hair transplant treatment in India is the clinic’s location. The price is different in different cities. If one wishes to get the hair transplant done in India, it should be chosen according to the budget. There are chances that posh cities will charge more as compared to other cities. 
  • Secondly, it is the technique that determines the cost of hair transplant treatment. The price of each technique is distinct from the other technique. For instance, the price of FUT will be distinct from FUE. 
  • Thirdly cost depends upon the number of follicles required by the patient. In India, the cost is calculated according to the follicles. The more the follicles, the more the cost. 

The level of baldness in a person is also a deciding factor in the cost. The cost of a hair transplant gets decided according to the extent of hair loss in a person. The more the hair loss, the more the cost. And vice versa. 

The transplant area also plays a vital role in influencing the cost of hair transplant. The cost depends on the area where the transplant is being performed- scalp or body. Usually, the cost of a body transplant is more as compared to the scalp. 

Besides this, there are several sessions availed by the person during the treatment. If there are more sessions, then the cost will be high. 

In addition to it, the surgeon’s skills and experience decide the cost of the hair transplant treatment. If the healthcare professional is highly adept and experienced, then the cost of treatment will be high and vice versa. 

In some instances, after the treatment, follow-ups are required. Usually, the post-treatment care is covered in the package only and is free of cost. But if an additional procedure is required, then there will be extra cost. 

When to get a Hair Transplant Done?

Both men and women face hair loss, but the symptoms might differ. The signs of hair loss in men include: baldness, thin hair, and lower hairline. Whereas in women, the symptoms are as follows: thin ponytail, hair fall, wider center partition, and thin hair. 

Causes of Hair Loss

There can be various reasons owing to which hair loss can occur. Some medical conditions also result in hair loss. Following are the causes of hair loss: 

  • Hair loss can be hereditary. It might be possible that the person can inherit the problem of hair loss from his family. 
  • Secondly, there are hormonal changes due to which hair loss can take place. 
  • Some drugs cause hair loss. Some medicines like the ones for cancer, depression which people consume and consequently witness baldness and hair loss. 
  • Some fungal infections on the scalp can also lead to hair loss. The infection can cause patches on the scalp, due to which hair loss can occur. 
  • Therapies like chemotherapy also prompts hair loss. It is a therapy that is undergone by cancer patients and leads to thin hairs. 


As in abroad, hair transplant treatments in India have also progressed. Hair transplant treatments are useful, and a person can get it done to improve his personality and gain confidence. Beverly Hills hair restoration provides the best hair transplant treatment as they have a specialization in skin treatments. 

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