Crooked Nose Surgery- No More Wandering For Exact Guidance

There are many reasons that cause a crooked nose or a bent nose. It occurs due to deviated septum or dislocation of the cartilage of nasal bones. Even in some cases after birth, the nose starts growing maligned gradually. From the front view, crooked noses are visualized prominently and it is clearly distinguishable.

Most of the patients have the common belief that through surgeries nose deformities cannot be restored properly to a more normal structure. But surgeons have different opinions about this, they say nose surgery is a good choice to restore your nose in normal alignment.


Rhinoplasty is the surgical term of crooked nose surgery or the process of straightening the misaligned nose. In this epoch, almost everybody is concerned about their facial appearance, as the face is the crucial way to please at the very first glance. And the nose determines the elegant middle line of that important face. The rhinoplasty includes closed rhinoplasty that leaves no incisions of surgical cutting and stitching. Closed rhinoplasty requires expert knowledge and hands of minute operation.

  • Osteotomy- The closed approach of rhinoplasty is accomplished by a small surgical tool named Osteotome. Osteotome helps reshape nasal bones if the nose gets repositioned due to some external mishap or nasal bone fracture. After medical osteotomy, a lateral osteotomy is performed. Through this, nasal bones can be deployed easily and be reshaped according to midline alignment.

The process of osteotomy using an osteotome is a useful surgery method to meet the line of perfection. Osteotomy leaves 5 to 7 days of swelling, after successful completion of the postoperative period carefully, patients can easily continue their normal days. 

  • Grafting- Crooked nose surgery can also be done by adding and removing nasal bones. Nasal bones or cartilage of the ear portion or rib portion are often used to add cartilage to the nasal dorsum. In this way also nose surgery can be done when a stronger or long graft is required to frame the nose straight.
  • Injection- Injection rhinoplasty is another procedure to straighten the nose temporarily. Those who have mild humps and bugs in their nose, they can easily undergo injection therapy. But for this, you need to consult a plastic surgeon initially for each test and to get successful results. 

Key Benefits

  • The primary benefit that we receive is what we exactly wait for. Yes, the straight aligned nose or the balanced nostrils. Everything, the surgery, the pain we go through is just for that shaped nose.
  • The second benefit of nose surgery is if you have some breathing-related problems or issues of the respiratory system, then the surgery fixes those too. 
  • Any deviated septum related issues that cause trouble like nasal collapse and so on, are also healed by crooked nose surgery.

Lastly, obviously after getting a smart nose, your confidence grows and you look more assertive than before. Lots of cases these days actively come to plastic surgeons and are cured by the nose surgery smoothly, patients get an elegant look for a lifetime.

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