What are the Signs that a Knee Replacement is Wearing Out?

Knee replacement is one of the most common joint replacement procedures worldwide, followed by hip replacement surgery. Knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged or disease knee joint is replaced with an artificial prosthetic implant. The surgery is usually recommended to treat pain and the inability to move the knee when other … Read more

How to Respond to a Heart Attack Patient and Do CPR for the Elderly?

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How much does it Cost for Laser Hair Removal?

Hair grows at different areas of the body and we cut it because do not need it in some areas. To remove hair from different parts of the body permanently, we have two options namely electrolysis and laser hair removal. This option is totally safe and delivers promising results.  Laser hair removal treatment is a … Read more

10 Ideal Ways To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

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A Guide to Maintain Bone Health at All Ages

Bone health is one of the most neglected areas. This is also the reasons men and women face problems as they age. Doctors suggest taking good care of bone health while you are still young. Maintaining healthy calcium and vitamin D levels is very important to ensure good orthopedic health. A higher bone mass will … Read more

How does Lifestyle affect Pregnancy and What’s the Role of IVF?

People, today, are so busy in their lifestyle that they forget to give time to themselves. Their tight schedule not only makes them sluggish but it also hampers their sexual lives which give rise to health issues, one of which is ‘infertility’. Apart from the work schedule, there are various causes and lifestyle factors, responsible … Read more