Making Illustration Design Productive: Top Adobe Illustrator Plugins

While the tools and programs for illustration or design creation are several but Adobe Illustrator has been recognized as one of the most commonly used design software for basic to experienced designers. However, it might contain a great range of features but you would still have to rely on certain plugins for enhancing your drawing further.

You could hold the right passion for it and you might be observing that there has been more demand for best portrait illustrators for hire. That is why if you want to be recognized among the best then you should make the most out of these Adobe Illustrator plugins.

Xtream Path 2

Path editing tools are not many but Xtream Path 2 is a plugin for an illustrator that makes the process of dragging, pulling and stretching line art and paths easier. That is not everything this plugin has as you can even position objects, design elements and edit them accordingly. You can select any object from the canvas and make tweaks to its design. This tool comes with a price tag of $139 and it is compatible with Adobe Illustrator 8 and its further versions. The one thing that makes it stand out is its smart rounding and blowing effects. You can use these two options to make the text shape round and even add a blurring or fading effect to the text.

Magic Exporter

Used for exporting Illustrator files and images, Magic Exporter provides you with a smooth user experience that has made it simple to export Ai docs. If you want to change or export your Illustrator file into a PNG format then you can simply rely on Magic Exporter. This does not only save you a lot of time but does not compromise on the resolution of the file. It renders high-quality resolution PNG files without the hassle. Most export tools tend to access each layer of your Illustrator file and then export it but using this plugin, you can select what you want to export and it will do it for you.  

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Having compatibility with CC 2019, FILTERiT is used for adding filter effects and 3D transformations into your digital creation. That is not everything this plugin has to offer instead it contains a diverse range of tools and functions that most plugins do not offer altogether. The creation of an illustration requires the use of filters and effects but you cannot edit one from scratch on Illustrator. If you want to speed up the design process then FILTERiT has a wide range of effects that eliminate the hassle of doing everything from square one.  


Illustrator itself offers a wide range of editing options and tools but it is not easy to position shapes and produce design elements when you are short on time. This notion could certainly become arduous for many designers and that is where ColliderScribe comes into the picture. This plugin is a great option when you want to edit and reposition shapes or objects on your drawing canvas. Symmetry matters and you cannot master it in one-go, therefore, you can simply use ColliderScribe and it will reposition and align your drawing as you prefer.


This plugin might be costlier as compared to the aforementioned tools but it is a full-fledged plugin with various features and tools. The complete cost of its full version is $364 however; you can also avail other plans and options but is recommended to get the complete package as it contains numerous essential tools. It might have a complex user interface and it might take time to get a hang of it but once you know what each option does then it will no longer be complex. From unique shape styles to texture, you can render and create alluring illustrations without consuming a lot of time.

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