The Best Online Animation Software for Every Animator Out There

The popularity of animated content in today’s time does not seem to falter. Animations are now not only limited to the entertainment industry instead its scope has been broadened over the years. Digital marketing was unheard of a few years ago but currently, video animations have become a core part of online marketing strategies.

With an increment in individuals and businesses looking for a credible animation video company for the formation of their video marketing content, it must be clear to you how the popularity of animations is significantly increasing.

If you intend to create an animated video but you happen to be short on resources then we have compiled a list of the best online and desktop animation software and tools that you can add to your arsenal.


Claiming to be one of the easiest flash movie creators, Toufee is an online software or you could say it is a desktop program that is supported by cross-platform operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Using its user-friendly interface and tools, it takes you only a few minutes to create and edit your video. Once you have made the video, you can also share it across social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or any site of your choice. Its built-in tools and features include effects for images, diverse font types and over 30 alluring video styles that you can select and customize.  


Moovly is an online professional video and presentation maker that is built on a cloud-based platform. Whether you want to create an informative presentation or an animated explainer video, you can customize it using Moovly. The template directory of this tool consists of over 175 million short clips, animations and audio files that you can select and customize the way you want. There is also the option to upload media files without the need to edit and create anything from scratch.


A desktop-based animation and presentation software, Powtoon allows you to create amazing animated content in a matter of minutes. It already has default templates and pre-defined objects that you can adjust, customize and manipulate to befit your preferences. The option to insert audio or music files is also available as well as the option to share your video content on social media sites and video sharing platforms. Powtoon can be used to create videos of every sort such as educational videos, branding campaigns, short YouTube adverts and it even as support for a Photoshop plugin.

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Another widely used online video animation tool, Vyond lets you transform static visuals into dynamic and engaging animated content. Simply start with selecting characters, objects, design styles of your choice, and then customize them to fit your animation idea. Vyond can also be used to create content for eLearning and online training that aids you in conveying your message visually. Other than eLearning, you can create animated content for branding, marketing and everything else that is related to online sales.

Toon Boom

An animation and storyboarding software, Toon Boom Animation allows you to animate content for movies, games, websites and even mobile apps. Whether you are a novice animator or a renowned animation agency, this software works for projects for every scale and type. The Toon Boon Harmony version is perfect for painting, sketching and adding visual effects but with a price tag of $375, it becomes a bit costly. If you want to test its features and tools out then a free trial is also available that you can download before purchasing the complete version.

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