Top 10 Free Online Logo Maker Tools In 2019

A logo is one of the most important marketing tools that have the capability of driving the customers to your business. It is a face of your company and your brand’s identity, and if you are a small business, you need to make a perfect logo that can help you to boost the sales and recognition of your company.

Sometimes business startups don’t have enough revenue to spend on outsourcing. Therefore, they need the best logo makers to create your logos free online. This article lists the best ten online logo makers that you can use for your benefit.

  •  Canva

Canva has been on the market for quite some time now. It offers free and paid services and templates for social media flyers, invitations, banners, logos, business cards and much more. You can start making your design with their free templates and add in colors, fonts, and texts to harmonize it with your brand. You can also upload images or choose from Canvas’s extensive library.

  •  Free logo services

Similar to Canva, free logo services come with free logo templates that can be saved in the cloud. You can choose between icons, badges, symbols, and texts or mix and match them to create a new logo. You simply have to scroll through the pages to choose the design that you need. You have the option to change the icon’s layout, color and font style and size to have a customized look to your logo.

  •  Design iconic

Design iconic offers professionally designed logos for free. The platform is not only equipped with professional logo making tools, but it also offers the help of professional designers available online 24/7 to create a customized logo for free.

  •  Graphic Springs

Similar to the other logo generators, graphics spring too have a variety of free templates to choose from. You can enter your business tagline and choose a perfect image, text, color and much more to have a classic logo. If you want to have something extraordinary, you can add in shapes and symbols to give it a customized look. It comes with unlimited edits and tweaks if you ever need to change it in the future.

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  •  LogoMakr

LogoMakr is an easy-to-use online logo generator. It is easy to drag around shapes and text to fit where you want it to fit. You can search for shapes and symbols for your logo and edit them to suit your brand. A free download option is available on the software. However, you have to pay a little fee to have a high-quality version for your website, or to print it.

  •  Ucraft

Originally, Ucraft is a website builder offering web templates, free cloud hosting, and much more. Apart from that it also provides a free logo maker. It is easy to use and allows the user to easily customize and edits to make a logo that suits the brand. It has a free downloading option from where you can download a high-resolution image of your logo.

  •  Design mantic

Design mantic has 30 categories for industries and allows you to have a perfect logo for your business. Once you find the perfect logo for your company, you can edit it and add colors and fonts to suit your business. If you need a high-resolution picture of your logo, you need to pay a little fee.

  •  Shopify

Shopify consists of a wide range of tools for online businesses, including a tool needed to start your own business. Although these services come with a monthly fee, it also offers services that are free of cost including the tools to make a free logo. You can put your business and choose an icon to edit to add colors and change it into different sizes. You can send the logo directly to your e-mail address.

  •  Design hill

Similar to Shopify, design hill also offers many services, and one of them is a free logo maker. You can choose a logo from thousands of options and tweak it according to your requirements.

  • Logaster

Logaster is a free, easy to use logo generator offering free download for small sized logos to be uploaded on your site. However, if you need a full-sized logo, you have to pay a little fee.

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