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Introduction of Perfume Boxes

Perfume is an important part of our daily attire. Fragrance adds depth to your personality and makes it even more attractive. It complements your dress well and attracts people towards you. It makes people interact with you more positively.

One of the basic purposes of a fragrance is to keep body odor in check and keep you smelling fresh all day. It is also a major confidence booster. If you know someone with an unpleasant body odor, you must have noticed that their confidence is always very low. Compare them to someone who smells good and you will be able to see the difference.

When you wear a perfume, you can shun all the worries regarding body odor and meet people with more confidence. A perfume can also be an indicator of your mood. Confidence is one thing that might always stay constant. But your mood can change. And with the changing mood, you can change your perfume too. 

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Hence, perfume is a secret messenger too, always ready to communicate for you. Besides all of this, perfume can also be an effective memory trigger. If you have smelled something previously, and smell something even remotely close to it again, you will be reminded of that past experience instantly. Even if you do not remember it exactly, you will still have traces of it in your mind.

The presentation of perfume is also very important. Perfume is considered to be a luxury product, hence, it needs good casing too. You can today get a variety of Perfume Boxes at different costs.

Magnetic Lid

This is an efficient way of packaging perfumes. The design is based on the square box with a little twist. Usually, square boxes have separate tops that act as lids too. This casing is a bit different. It has the lid attached to the base from one side completely and opens on the other end.

The box has a magnet where the lid closes and that part of the lid has a magnet too. Magnets from both sides attract each other when brought and the box is closed firmly in this way. The shape of the box is usually a square or a rectangle. Boxes with the smaller surface area might not be able to support the container effectively.

Drawer Casing

Who is not familiar with the typical drawer at home? We all use them daily at home and in offices. It is also a popular design for encasing fragrances. The mechanism is almost similar to the traditional drawer but some modifications can always be performed.

One way of designing these perfume boxes wholesale is to create a base that will house the perfume and then make the upper casing which will slide the box open or close. There are two sizes for the slide. Either you create it equivalent in size to the base or smaller than that. But both the base and the slide must be strong. As there will be a lot of sliding, make sure the friction is as less as possible.

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If both slide over each other coarsely, they will be damaged in the long run and the colors will fade away through rubbing. This design is also suitable for printing because it gives you a significant amount of real estate.

The Cabinet

It is also a very attractive design which has been in the market for some time now. It works like a normal kitchen cabinet. There is a door that opens towards the outside and reveals the constituents. Usually on the front part is branded and covered with details such as the weight, color, logo, and others.

The mechanism is efficient and easy to understand. The cabinet consists of a single piece of wood or cardboard that can stand upright. Either you can make stands on the bottom or make it flat. If you want to make stands, make sure they are strong and are able to balance the total weight of the package.

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Since it stands upright, it is usually used for products that are tall. The instructions for usage can be written on the inside of the door. You can try different colors but most of the time only one color is used.

A popular option is to make the box black and write details in the golden color. This combination is luxurious and creates a wonderful spectacle for consumers.

These are some of the most popular fragrance casing designs in the US. You can also get many others depending upon your taste. The choice is endless these days. You can also get them customized as you please. These casings can be very useful for your brand. They act as major attractions for consumers if they are beautiful. 

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