Do’s and Don’ts of a Party Outfit

When it comes to attending a party, you often face dilemmas like what to give? When to arrive? And most importantly, what to wear? Most often, we do not have the pleasure of finding a floor-length silk gown hanging around in the closet.

Would you go for party wear dresses online shopping in India? Would this outfit be right for every event? How do you dress up for different occasions? Read on to know more.

Why Do We Even Need to Dress?

Feeling compelled by social obligations is not the only reason for you to look fab. You can dress up because it makes you happy. Nevertheless, you often find yourself in social gatherings that require you to put great effort into getting the best look.

Explicit dress codes and large events only add to the complexity. But imagine the best-case scenario where you dress for both reasons. You are dressing for the situation and also because it boosts your self-esteem.

Today, even with party wear dresses online shopping in India, deciding what to wear for a party can be really confusing. This confusion prevails even when the dress code is made explicit. The jargons are simply too complicated. So, how must you dress up?

Dressing the Casual Way


Try out a simple outfit like jeans and a T-shirt when even the most casual outfit is acceptable. Khakis, day dresses, skirts, and modest shorts can also be a huge hit in this case. Casual summer parties call for some breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. Also, you can even dress up or dress down in these fabrics. Simply put, you will want to wear something that is neither too flashy nor too snub.


Avoid T-shirts with inflammatory words and images. In fact, it is recommended to avoid shirts bearing slogans altogether. An outfit that is stained or ripped is also a big no-no. More than anything, it is a way to respect your host and the guests with clean clothes. Uncomfortable clothes are not recommended anywhere. This also holds true to a casual event where the idea is to arrive as you are.

Dressy Casual


A sweater dress or a shirt dress can appear both relaxed and refined simultaneously. You can also opt for a crisp, classic top and pair it along with a blazer. Get a top-notch look with an unfaded black or indigo jeans. These outfits can give you an instantly appropriate feel for the evening.

Want to add a club-ready feeling to your casual look? Check out the ‘’going out’’ tops that can make you feel good. Jumpsuits are a great option as well. This stylish alternative to the dresses is scaled for elegance. You can also explore boiler suits for a trendier feel.


Avoid shorts at all costs. Consider limiting the use of snickers unless they are spotless and not the type you wear for a gym.

Cocktail or Semi-Formal


Outfits made using refined fabrics like taffeta, lace, and silk are best suited for these occasions. Having cuts around the knee is expected. Remember that your dress must be more than a formal sundress but not as formal as a ballgown.

You can even try a snazzy top made with silk or sequins and pair it with velvet pants or a skirt for the bottom. Again, jumpsuits add elegance on this occasion, as well. While everyone wears dresses, why not make a statement by wearing something stylish? Well, jumpsuits are your answer.


Unless you are happy about being uncomfortable for hours at an event, don’t wear anything too tight or short. Stay away from plain cotton and jeans as well.

Dressing For A Business Event


For a casual business meet, opt for dark dress pants, a sport coat, a button-down shirt with an optional tie. Formal business events, on the other hand, require dark colours, a pencil skirt, and sheath dresses.


Not even the nicest of your snickers. They are sure to gain you the wrong attention. Jeans also do not count for business attire. Remember that clothes must not be the focal point in business events. This means your colleagues must nor remember what you wore after the event.

Hence, avoid distracting clothes or those that make you wonder if it was a good idea to put them on. They tend to cloud your mind and concentrate less on the true importance of the event.

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White Tie Events


Floor-length gowns, jewellery from paradigm jewelry or another high-quality brand, and long white gloves will give you a royal look. After all, that is the whole point. Isn’t it?


Above-the-knee dress and business attire are strictly not welcome here.

Dressing up for a party, even once in a while, does not come easy. Parties render the perfect opportunity for testing out some novel stylings. It all depends on your preferred style and the formality of the gathering.

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