3 Must-Have Camping Essentials

3 Must-Have Camping Essentials

Are you setting out for a long weekend of camping with family and friends? Or maybe you’re planning a more extended trip that takes you across the country. Frankly, there’s not a better time than now to get outside and explore the states a bit. If you’re new to camping or even looking to up your gear game, below we take a look at 3 essentials that you’ve got to pack for your next camping trip.

Rooftop Tent

No matter where you plan to camp, you’ll certainly need to pack adequate lodgements. Certainly, a high-quality tent is the preferred option for serious campers. Although there are a wide variety of camping tents available on the market, there are a few important considerations to make when choosing your tent.

First and foremost you should take into account the comfortability of the tent. If you’ve ever slept in a simple portable tent, you know just how fitful a night of sleep can be within one. Choosing a durable, weather-proof tent with lots of storage (to diminish in-tent clutter) should be an utmost consideration.

Furthermore, the best way to ensure comfort when tent-camping is to pitch your tent on even ground, however even ground isn’t always the easiest to find when you’re in the wild. Therefore, we strongly recommend considering a rooftop tent. These tents can be mounted to the roof rack of your car, creating an even surface for optimal sleeping comfort. Our favorite rooftop tent is the Toyota 4Runner Roof Top Tent which provides exceptional comfort, privacy, and flexibility.

Portable Grill

One of the most important items you’ll pack for your upcoming camping trip is a portable gas grill. Whether you’re the type that food-preps gourmet dishes to be cooked while in the wild, or the quick and easy burger and hot dog type, your best camping investment is a portable gas grill. These appliances are easy to travel with, can be used in the middle of nowhere, and are easy to keep clean.

 A flat-top grill is an even better option because it can evenly cook any type of food, no matter the size. Think anything from burgers to eggs and diced vegetables to fried rice. Your dining options are limitless with the right device. We’re big fans of the Blackstone Tabletop Grill; check it out here: https://blackstoneproducts.com/products/22-tabletop-griddle-with-stainless-steel-front-plate.

Camping Chairs

There’s no better way to enjoy a cold brew and warm campfire while winding down from the adventures of your day than in the most comfortable of camping chairs. Be sure to find chairs that are lightweight, easily collapsible and stored, all-weather, and equipped with cupholders. We prefer a chair with a padded seat and a shoulder strap for comfortable transportation. 

Let’s face it, beyond your afternoon adventures, many of your camping hours may be spent fireside. After a long day of hiking, canoeing, or climbing, you’ll want to kick back in comfort. The importance of cozying up to the campfire in a good camping chair can’t be overlooked.


Whether you’re a novice or experienced camper, durable and efficient camping gear is of utmost importance. Being prepared for the great outdoors, nature’s elements and the comforts of home away from home will certainly make for an optimal camping trip. Consider the 3 essentials we’ve discussed hereinbefore hitting the road for your next camping trip. Of the 3, however, our top pick is the rooftop tent; the importance of a restful night of sleep is essential before setting out on new adventures the next morning. A well-rested body and soul are integral to enjoying all the outdoor activities you have planned. 


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