How Multi-Platform Apps Can Benefit Your Business?

These days, most business owners especially those that deal with eCommerce are investing in mobile application development in Dubai. The world is now a global village, and over the last few years, the increased use of smartphones is even more massive, with figures close to more than a thousand percent.

However, knowing these facts is one thing and utilizing it for business benefits is another. Business owners need to invest in multi-platform apps that can be operated seamlessly on a lot of gadgets. You need to hire the best mobile application development firm to assist you in this endeavor.

Some of the benefits of multi-platform apps for your business include the following:

Multi-Platform Apps are Easy to Personalize

The use of a mobile app makes it easy to personalize app operations and a lot of customers tend to pay attention to this. Personalization means that customers can choose their most preferred settings, and this is very good for business.

A lot of business app owners even allow customers to provide recommendations on what features they want the app to contain. This fosters trustworthiness.

Another business advantage of personalization is that when customers agree to some of the terms, it can help in accessing the user’s location. With this, the business owner would be able to know the locations where customers are concentrated.

Multi-Platform Apps Proffers Communication

With mobile apps and responsive devices, it will be easier to pass across messages to the customers. This can be of help to a business especially when a new product is being introduced. Other important messages that can be passed include the price change in a product or service, delivery of products for e-commerce apps, etc.  

Multi-Platform Apps Are Cost-Effective

At the initial stage of building an app, a lot of funds might go into making it as effective as possible for a business app. However, after a while, there would be productive returns. The app would help improve customer experience and a lot of sales.

Increase in Search Engine Rankings

As a business owner with a website, there are lots of things that a multiplatform app can help you improve. If you make use of a responsive website, the website will be frequented, and this will help increase the total search engine rankings.

However, there are a lot of other factors that relate to search engine rankings. But the use of a mobile app is a very important aspect that should be looked into.

With improved SEO you will have your website on the front page of search engines. This can improve traffic which would later turn into massive sales.

Business Security

A standard multi-platform app provides you with the security you need for your business transactions. This is quite important given the fact that there are a lot of cybercrimes around today.

Multi-Platform Apps Are Easy to Develop

The development of apps would be easy in terms of more features and other improvements. Hence, you would be able to catch up with the business world if need be.

Tips on How to Measure the Marketing Results of Your Mobile App

There are millions of mobile applications out there today. This makes it possible for your mobile app to get lost in the lot. Hence you have to invest in tools and technology to estimate your app performance.

Here are some ways to estimate the marketing effect of your app:

The Number of Downloads 

The number of downloads an app has is the first way to measure how well the app is doing. If your app does not have enough download compared to similar apps, this means that the app is low in the pecking order. Knowing this can be very essential in preparing the next step on how to make the app acceptable.

Total Number of Users

Tracking the number of users of the app is also necessary when estimating the user’s engagements with the app. You have to also understand the frequency of the app. The number of users of the app is different from the number of those that have just downloaded the app without using it. So a lot of downloads may not necessarily mean that there are a lot of users.

Intervals in the Session

This is the timeframe in which the users spend on the app. It is also the time taken for the user to return to the app after exiting. In other words, the interval of the session can be used to estimate how addicted a user is in the first place.

When this is known, it can help the app owner to improve features and modifications of the app. This is based on the information collected on the timeframe the user spends on the app.

Screen Flow

This estimate can only be done by a screen flow analyst. This would help in tracking the number of times an app user visits the app per screen. It also checks how the user navigates through the app.

All of the information collected will help you in analyzing the various actions of the user. It is left for you to make use of the information and work on the improvement and reassessment of your app.

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