Skyscape Photography Tips: Exclusive Guide

What is Skyscape Photography

Skyscape One of the most fascinating types of Photography. It is called Skyscape because it concentrates mainly on the Skylines and dramatic sky color’s photos. 

It is easier to find a place to click photos of the sky, not too far from your doorsteps. Maybe terrace or parks or open spaces where the view of the skyline is clear. The main objective of Skyscape Photography is to capture the light as accurately as possible.

In this Composition, we’ll provide you with some important types of Skyscape photography and how to improve efficiency in them.  If you are not able to fix sky color or some other things you need help from the professional photo editing team.

Tips for Skyscape Photography

  • Suggested Settings for Skyscape Photos

For a sharper image use an aperture with F stop of about F/32.A sharper image will let you enlarge it again in the future. Use the Av/P mode in the camera Dial-up option, it will let you control the aperture manually and will automatically decide the right shutter speed for the photo. Use a polarizer or ND filter to take a more vivid image with better light control.

  • Suggested Equipment Skyscape Photos

For Skyscape photography, an Ultra wide-angled (fisheye) lens is required, but it is very expensive for example – Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 is an ultra-wide angles lens which costs approximately $699. So, it is tough to afford such lenses but you can use a normal wide lens like NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G lens which costs just $190 which is affordable and has a great focal length.

Another Important equipment is the Flashgun (external flash), its important because if you want to click portrait images with a Skyscape background then the object needs to be illuminated or lightened up. So, a Flashgun is necessary.

  • Controlling the Light

The most important element that interrupts the quality of the image in this type of photography is the amount of light entering the lens. It’s important for a photographer to click sky photos is to control this amount of light. Keeping the exposure control to -1 or -2 gives a sharper image with controlled light intensity.

  • Images while Dawn & Dusk

Another important time to click the best photos of skylines is the Dawn or Dusk time in other words Sunrises and Sunsets. This is the time when the sky has different mixture of colors mostly a combination of blue and orange colors are seen. This gives the photos a vibrant touch and makes it eye-catching.

  • Expressive Clouds

The sky speaks through clouds; it shows the different moods of the sky. Taking pictures of clouds is also a part of this type of photography. A cloud gives out different colors at different times of the day. During the afternoon it stays white, in the dusk, it becomes a little reddish, before a storm its grayish. Click photos of such colors use an ND filter it will keep the colors the same but will add a texture to it with accurate light intensity.

  • Using Skyscape as a Portrait Background

Most of you would like to take pictures of an object or person using Skyscape as a background. For this type of image, it is important to maintain a great distance between the sky and the object so that, the background also gets a bright color as well as the object or person portrayed. Use a flashgun so that the person portrayed gets illuminated.

  • Taking a Series of Photo of a Continuous Scene

The sky and clouds are constantly moving and each time it moves takes a new position which creates more attractive views to be clicked. Taking continuous pictures in the same frame of the Skyscape provides you with different attractive pictures of the skyline.

  • Skyscape from Seaside

The view of the sky is completely different from the seaside than the plains. The blue sea and a reddish sky while sunset is a scene which calms down the mind the moment you think of it. So, taking pictures of such a moment is a dream of many photographers. To take such images use a Polarizer, it will enhance the reddish skyline and will control the light intensity accurately by blurring the view of the sun.


Skyscape is Photography which allows a photographer to connect with the Nature. It takes patience to wait for the perfect time and click the perfect image. By using the ISO, aperture, and the shutter speed accurately with the help of filters like ND or a polarizer will give you an exceptionally beautiful image of the Skyscape.

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