Reconstructive Surgery- Explained By Best Plastic Surgeon In Mumbai

The procedure performed to restore the body’s form or function is known as reconstructive surgery. It is mostly used to treat body components that are aberrant in shape or function. Such anomalies can be caused by a variety of factors, including congenital malformations, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, or any other disease. But, because such diseases can send your world into a total whirlwind if not handled appropriately, reconstructive surgery has provided you with a higher quality of life, increased self-esteem, and improved function.

In this article, Dr. Leena Jain who is one of the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai will explain the various forms of reconstructive surgery to help you understand how and when this procedure can change people’s life. 

Reconstruction of the breasts 

After a mastectomy, which is a medical operation to remove one or both breasts to treat breast cancer, this operation helps restore the breasts to their normal form, size, symmetry, and look. Treatment for breast reconstruction might be started depending on the type of mastectomy, cancer treatment, and body type. Many women have benefited from this procedure, particularly after cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

Cosmetic surgery of the face 

Face surgery focuses on surgeries to treat facial deformities such as cleft lip and palate, breathing issues, and other chronic infections. Cleft lip and palate repair has emerged as a blessing for parents who were living in fear since their children had been diagnosed with such a disease. This includes newly born kids. By restoring the normal appearance of their features, this procedure aids in the restoration of the tiny angels’ beautiful grins. According to the cosmetic surgeons, facial surgery is often used to treat other chronic diseases. 

Surgery on the hands or feet 

Hand surgery is used to treat impairments in the hands caused by a variety of disorders. Some disorders induce pain in the wrists and fingers, as well as a loss of strength and flexibility. Reconstructive surgery can also help to address birth defects and maintain a natural appearance in some circumstances. Foot surgery is used to treat tumors, extra toes, and other birth defects.Reconstructive Surgery 

Scar revision

Scar revision is the process of treating a scar and blending it in with the surrounding skin. The majority of the time, such scars are caused by accidents. Therapies might range from basic topical therapies to minimally invasive treatments to surgical revision to decrease the look of a scar, depending on the instance. However, it is important to remember that scar revision can assist to reduce the look of a scar but cannot entirely eradicate it. 

Removal of skin cancer 

In the case of skin cancer, it is required to remove the malignant growth. Reconstructive surgery is used in this scenario to surgically remove the malignant tumor. By removing the malignant growth and preventing it from harming the health further, this surgery aids in the preservation of health and attractiveness. 

Tissue enlargement 

It is a method of gaining more skin on any portion of the body. To aid in the growth of the skin, a certain method is undertaken. This surgery is primarily used for breast reconstruction following breast excision, although it can also be done on other regions of the body. For many people, reconstructive surgery has been a life-changing procedure. It has been successful in producing outstanding outcomes for those who have tried it. It is beneficial. 

To return to a more normal appearance: Reconstructive surgery allows a patient to regain his or her normal appearance and appearance. 

To cure birth abnormalities, follow these steps: This surgery aids in the correction of abnormalities that developed during birth. 

To increase the patient’s self-esteem, do the following: Many people who had been suffering from serious abnormalities or abnormalities have had their self-esteem restored thanks to reconstructive surgery. 

Post-Surgery Diet

In the summer, your meals should be small and light. Fast food, junk food, and other high-calorie foods should be avoided in your diet. Heavy food is difficult to digest, makes you sluggish, and raises your cholesterol, all of which are detrimental to your health. Focus on lighter meals that don’t take long to digest, such as salad, fruit, green drinks, and so on. In the summer, you should include green greens in your meals on a regular basis.

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