How To Enable Safe Mode In Samsung Galaxy S9

As you know Samsung Galaxy S9 is the very famous flagship smartphone of Samsung Galaxy. If you are a Samsung user then you know very well that after some software updates some errors occur. 

Other than this some error occurs due to the third-party app, don’t worry to solve all these problems you have to restart your device in safe mode to check which application causing a problem.

You can also use the safe mode feature of your Samsung Galaxy S9 to access the operating system. If you found any error in your application so you can use a safe mode to resolve this problem. 

But the main question is how to restart your Samsung Galaxy S9 in the safe mode? In this article, we are going to tell you all the steps, so read the complete article very carefully.

How to Enable Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy S9:

When a third party application creating the problem and because of this application your Samsung Galaxy S9 is not working properly like freezes, lags, and other performance issues. Then restarting your Samsung Galaxy S9 in the safe mode is the best solution for you.

In the safe mode, all the third-party applications are disabled temporarily but the pre-installed applications would be run in the safe mode. 

If the third-party application is the main problem then you can encounter it in the safe mode and the primary goal of safe mode to fix all the problems. If you want to know how to enable safe mode in the Samsung Galaxy S9 then follow all the given steps.

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S9 device
  • Now press and hold the power button until Samsung appears on your device screen
  • Release the power button when Samsung appears
  • After this immediately press and hold the volume down button
  • Press and hold the volume down button until your Samsung Galaxy S9 finishes restarting
  • The safe mode appears in the bottom left corner of your device screen
  • Now release the volume down button
  • You can uninstall the third-party application that is causing a problem.

While in the safe mode your Samsung Galaxy S9 will run very smoother as compared to its normal mode and this thing happens because in the safe mode the only pre-installed apps are running.

How to Uninstall Any App in the Safe Mode:

Third-party applications are not running in the safe mode but still, you can uninstall any app in this mode, both safe mode and uninstalling application go together. 

You can do this in the applications manager but first, you need to know which application is creating a problem. To uninstall application in safe mode follow the given steps

  • Open the settings of your Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Then top on the apps option
  • Find your desired application that you want to delete 
  • Top on this application
  • Now tap on display preinstalled application then menu and then show system apps
  • Click on uninstall option and then ok

Finding the app that causing a problem is very difficult, so in this situation, you should uninstall all the apps that you recently installed first. Now in this way, you can fix all your Samsung Galaxy S9 problems with the help of safe mode

How to Turn off Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S9:

To turn off safe mode, completely shut down your samsung s9 using unlock code. Make sure that you turned off your Samsung Galaxy S9 properly. After this restart your device and if your Samsung Galaxy S9 still restarts in the safe mode then the malfunctioning app causing this problem. So, uninstall apps one by one until you found the app that caused a problem.

The other problem could be your device volume down button is stuck, so press this button a few times. After this confirms that your device case is not applying pressure to the volume down button when you restart your Samsung Galaxy S9.


All the steps to enable the safe mode on Samsung Galaxy S9 are given above. I hope you understand all the steps and do it very easily to solve all errors by uninstalling the applications. After uninstalling the bad application you can use your device in the normal mode.

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