Happy Diwali: 5 Countries Around the World That Celebrate the Festival in Style!

“Diwali,” what do you mean by this word? This simple word has lots of meanings; one of them is raw of lightning lamps or Diyas. Diwali is one of the most and auspicious celebrations of Indian calendar.

The essence of Diwali was the celebration of the victory of good over evil when Lord Rama returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after having killed the evil demon king Ravana. In the happiness of returning Rama, people decorated the entire kingdom with diyas.

These diyas considered a victory of light over darkness. Diwali brings along with it the promise of good times to come, which would resound with health and prosperity all around. Diwali is a celebration of happiness, in which all India in every corner celebrates the great zeal. Two-three weeks ago Diwali, people start painting their houses and shops, start decorations, markets, and online websites flooded with amazing Diwali gifts.

After all, it’s Indian’s biggest festival; everyone tries to make it a happier and memorable one as they can. But do you know that the biggest festival of India — Diwali is not only celebrated in India? Yes, it is celebrated with great zeal in different parts of the world, just like Indians do. 

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Indians go to different places in the world, and foreigners come to India too. Of course, there are Indians in different parts of the world having their own communities to honor Diwali even in a foreign land. But there are some countries where this auspicious festival is declared a public holiday and the entire city seems to be colorful, lighting and bright.

So, if you think that this celebration or festival is limited to India only, then we must say you are wrong. Let’s see how other countries celebrate Diwali festivity!


Diwali in Nepal also called Tihar! There are many other names like ‘Yamapanchak’ or ‘Swanti.’ The Nepalese people not only praise Gods and Goddesses like Laxmi Ma, Govardhan Mountain, Lord Yama, etc. but also honor and worship animals like dogs, cows, crows, and oxen with the belief that it will bring success, happiness, and good fortune in their lives.

All these animals are considered as divine gifts by people from Mother Nature; the relationship shared with them is considered sacred. The preparation of Diwali starts almost a month ago when people start painting their homes, cleaning shops, discarding the unwanted and broken things, and purchasing new items and clothes.

At the eve of Diwali, people exchange gifts to each other, and communities gather to dance and go door-to-door to exchange money, food or grain by singing “Bhailo song.”

Sri Lanka:

One would have thought that Ravana’s Kingdom would not celebrate Diwali, but what this auspicious celebration symbolizes is the coming together of various villages and a celebration of diversity in the Ocean island nation of India.

In Sri Lanka, Diwali is a significant and most celebrated festival in which locals make various figures from sugar crystals known as Misiri. People also lighten their homes and burst crackers the same as Indians do. This ‘Festival of Lights’ brings light into one’s life and signifies warding off darkness from home.

Great Britain:

The Indians are the second-largest ethnic minority in Great Britain. To get rid of the emotion of missing their loved ones and their motherland, especially in the festive season of Diwali, the Indians here celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm.

In Britain, the Diwali festival is a time for thoroughly spring-cleaning houses and for wearing new clothes and decorating buildings with fairy and fancy lights the same as in India. The auspicious day is marked by visits to the local temple to worship the goddess Lakshmi. Moreover, even in the freezing temperatures here, people celebrate Diwali by organizing a party.


Considering that Canada has a healthy and energetic Indian community, the celebrations are vibrant. If anyone visits Ontario, then he/she might feel transported to India as people here celebrate the Diwali the same as India. And if your friends are living here, then you can send Diwali gifts for friends from India as well.

So, beyond Indian territories, there are other countries that celebrate Diwali with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Thus, we can say that Diwali is not only India’s biggest festival but its a huge festival in the world.

So, on the grand celebration, everyone can enjoy the happy moments with their loved one, various websites are offering online services, and anyone can send Diwali gifts to Bangalore. We hope you like this article and came to know about various countries that celebrate the festival the same as India.

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