Make Diwali Unforgettable for Loved Ones Who Reside Abroad!!

Diwali is the most auspicious and awaited festival in India. It is the festival which has a high importance in the mind of every India whether they are living in India or outside India. In India, people celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm and happiness. They buy Diwali Diyas, sweets, clothes, gifts and other items for the colorful and memorable celebration. They decorate their place and enjoy the day with their near and dear ones.

But the problem is that people who are living abroad due to work, study or any other reason would surely miss the vibes of the festival. If someone very dear to you and staying abroad, then how can you make the day of Diwali the most happening one for that person? Let’s have ideas about how you can turn the day of Diwali into the unforgettable one for your dearest one who is living in Abroad.

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In today’s world of technology, everything seems possible. There are so many ways like social media, telephone, email, fax and others via which you can connect to your dear one who is living overseas. But what can you do to make your special feel festival vibes even being so far from the country? Let’s have a look at the things which would be ideal to do to make your dear ones feel very special, loved and home vibes on the auspicious day of Diwali.

Send Diwali Gifts Online

For making your loved ones feel special on the day of the Diwali, you can send Diwali gifts from India to them. Your gifts would surely add more happiness on the day of Diwali and make the occasion unforgettable to your dearest ones. You can send gifts such as Diwali sweets, Diwali chocolates, Diwali door hangings, Diwali personalized gifts, flowers and other gifts.

Whatsapp Status/Story

You can make your dear ones who are living in abroad extremely happy with your Whatsapp status. Let’s use social media for expressing your love towards your special ones. You can put photos, videos and messages for your special ones and wish them in a wonderful way. They would love this surprise of yours. You can put the photos of your home, Diwali celebration videos and some wonderful messages of your family for your dearest ones who are staying outside.

Write beautiful and warm Diwali wishes on Facebook

Facebook is one of the social media platforms which do a wonderful job to connect people across the world. So, use this platform well and post the heartfelt wishes on Facebook for your dearest ones. This would be the best gift for them who are far from you and would feel your love even being so far. They would realize what they mean to you.

Give a Call

When your dear ones are not able to come home on the big day of Diwali due to some important reason, then it is very important for you to make them feel like a home. Just dial their number and explain what is happening in India and how you are celebrating the day. This would make them feel very good and loved. They would feel your love and enjoy the festival with you that even not physically present with you.


These are some very sweetest and special which would make your loved ones feel how important they are for you. And, how much love you hold in your heart for those special ones that you are trying your best to make them feel the festival vibes even being so far from home. This special gesture your loved ones would remember for the years to come. You can send Diwali gifts to Australia, US, UK or any other part of the world with the aid of online gifting portals and bring the brightest smile on their faces.

For sending your love for your adorable ones outside India through your gift, you can take the aid of online gifting portal called It is the best site that is highly appreciated among the people for the smooth delivery of the gifts. So, make the occasion very exciting for the special ones and don’t let the distance come in between your relationship with the others.

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