Why Get Full Body Massage This Winter Season

With the winter season upon us, there are various reasons to get a Body massage. Apart from its relaxation effect, there are other reasons Full Body massage is essential for your overall health during winter.

This season has various reasons to increase stress and tension. Enduring this unpleasant cold extended period makes the muscles become tenser. You are likely to spend much part of the day slouching and contorting yourself to avoid wind. 

Which Kind of Massage Therapy is Right?

Massage from a reputable spa is handled by fully qualified and certified therapists with specialized skills. The process involves manipulating the body’s soft tissues to get a therapeutic effect. Body tissues that need attention during massage include muscles, skin, ligaments, and connective tissue. Some of the types of massage to have during winter include:

  • Swedish massage with circular motions for muscle relaxation
  • Sports massage for athletes to recover from a sports-related injury
  • Trigger point massage for tight muscle recovery from injury
  • Deep tissue massage for deep muscles and ten downs to recover from injuries 

Massage therapy has various benefits on your overall wellbeing and health. It is important to consult your physician for the right massage therapy for your condition. When looking forward to massage in Columbus Ohio, the ideal therapist should allow consultation with your physician. Here are reasons to make you get massage therapy in winter.

Advantages of Body Massage

  • Immune System Boost

The winter season is filled with various cases of colds and flu. Fortunately, massage therapy effectively boosts the immune system to fight off these conditions. Massage therapy increases lymph. This comes rich in white blood cells to fight bacteria and infections. Full Body massage very effective in encouraging a flu-free winter. 

White blood cells in the body live in the lymph nodes and fight disease and infection. However, these are sometimes reluctant to come out and do the needful. Fortunately, some little persuasion during massage encourages them to come out.

Gentle rubbing of the lymph node area during massage therapy encourages white blood cells to fight off infection and disease.  Full Body Massage also increases blood flow stimulating white blood cell action to make you feel better. 

  • Helps Dry Skin

The winter months are usually dry making the skin dry and unhealthy. Humidity drops during cold winter to make air make water in the skin evaporate much faster. This makes the skin to become drier. During a massage session, the therapist uses oils and lotions.

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These have vitamins for nourishing and hydrating the skin. This encourages feeling much better inside and out after the session. Additionally, rubbing natural and essential oils onto the skin makes it feel elasticated and moisturized. Regular Body Massage during winter offers health and feel-good benefits. 

  • Enhances Circulation

Cold weather makes the hands and feet to always feel chilly. This encourages pains, arches, and arthritis. Massage therapy encourages blood circulation and subsequent improvement in body warmth.

It enhances oxygen flow throughout the body to make you feel much better during the cold winter period. Massage therapy encourages blood to pass through congested areas and enhances flow. This allows the lymphatic system to eliminate waste buildup. Additionally, massage therapy also lowers blood pressure and makes the body function better. 

  • Eliminates Winter Blues

The cold period lowers engagement in favorite activities that encourage sweating. Additionally, winter has shorter daylight with intense coldness. This might cause depression. Fortunately, by searching on the internet for a massage therapist near me you will be able to reduce and alleviate the symptoms, as such therapies can have a positive effect on depression.

It impacts the endocrine system to create feel-good hormones serotonin and endorphins. Additionally, Body massage decreases secretion of cortisol levels responsible for causing depression. This elevates your mood. With less stress and feeling good, there is no better way to forget the winter blues

  • Stress Relief

During winter, you are likely to wake up when it is still dark. This enhances the stress related to this season. This period conjures up images of cuddling by the fire with a hot cup of coffee. However, this is not guaranteed. The reality of winter is spending more time indoors, sleeping more, exercising less, and eating more. The endless planning trips for last minute Christmas shopping and other endless family obligations release stress.

Fortunately, going for massage therapy is a great boost to your wellbeing. This session reset the balance in your life to release the stress. Additionally, massage therapy enhances sleep and well-being while offering more energy to take you throughout the busy winter period. This will make you ready to get back to work after the holiday.  

  • Back Pain

Cold weather worsens pains and aches that you might have. You are likely to experience painful sessions, especially when having pain in the lower or upper back. Getting Full Body massage during winter relieves all pains and aches.  This is through enhanced blood circulation and flow to boost faster muscle recovery and decreasing tension. 

Wrapping Up 

Winter is a period of intense holiday season preparations that come with stress. Fortunately, you can visit a Columbus Ohio massage center for massage therapy to make you feel better. 

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