Why Do You Need Martial Arts Software for Better Business Management?

Running a martial arts studio is not easy. While teaching traditional armed combat requires a focused and disciplined mind, managing the business requires equal dedication and experience.

Investing in martial arts software can help you automate your business processes. A dojo fitness business solution helps simplify member management and reduce daily administrative tasks.

Read on to understand the benefits of installing a martial arts classes management solution.

What is Martial Arts Software?

According to reports, the mixed martial arts equipment market will grow by $348.4 million from 20202024. It is projected to grow at a CAGR of almost 7 per cent during the forecasted period. 

With the sports form gaining popularity, many students are enrolling on major Dojo fitness centres in Australia. 

The software helps manage the business operations of your school. It is an automated mobile application that helps studio owners focus on performance rather than mundane administrative tasks.

It is explicitly designed for dojos and martial arts centres. It comes with student- and instructor-specific goals to help track progress and perform better.

Reasons to Invest in a Martial Arts Software 

Here are a few benefits of buying a martial arts school management system for your training school.

Automated Grading System

It is one of the best features of a martial arts centre management system. An automated belt ranking system helps track student performance and skillsets.

Martial arts belts come in different colours: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, black and red. The number and order of martial arts belts differ based on specific combat styles.

It can help you improvise your coaching methods to help your students reach their goals faster.

Simplified Payment Management

The martial arts software helps easy setting up, reviewing, and automating payment processing for members. The software is integrated with leading payment providers and offers flexible options like cash, credit card, online and bank transfers.

It sends automated late payment notifications via SMS or emails to individuals or group members. Customers can access limitless services like tracking tuition fees for members with family subscriptions and multi-class enrolment.

Easy Client Registration and Scheduling

The fitness class management software offers a user-friendly member portal with multi-location support. New customers can quickly sign up for membership in a hassle-free manner.

Both owners and students can schedule classes for specific dates and timings. Students can also enrol for private online classes with a personal instructor.

A transparent member database management system offers users easy access to payment history, classes and sessions they are enrolled in, and attendance records.

Parents can also track student performance with automated report generation.

A flexible membership plan offers easy upgrading and downgrading of contracts with no cancellation charges.

It is advisable to choose cloud-based software for your martial arts school. It provides real-time access to business processes from anywhere and any device in the world.


The martial arts software can easily integrate with other online communication systems like Facebook, Slack, Google Docs and Zapier.

An automated task management system with simple reporting features helps to build team collaboration. It helps manage workload and avoid backlogs.

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