What is NavIC? All You Need yo Know about NavIC

Technology is an integral part of our lives in so many ways. Technological innovations have made things easier and better. Smartphones are an example of technological growth and advancement. Smartphones have seen major changes in recent years with the introduction of novel features and apps.

Smartphones are no more limited to the use of making calls and messaging. They are like mini computers and much more than that. Now you can buy the best phone and enjoy the latest features. One of the latest features that your new phone can offer you is NavIC. Read on to know all about NavIC and its usage.

What is NavIC?

NavIC is an acronym for Navigation with Indian Constellation. It is an official name for the Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS). ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has designed this geo-mapping technology to provide accurate positioning in India.


NavIC is India’s satellite-based location service. It has seven operating satellite constellations. Four satellites are in geosynchronous orbit (GSO) and three are in geostationary earth orbit (GEO). It can provide positioning services to users in India, extending up to 1500 km from the country’s boundaries.

The navigation system is required by many countries for every job. One of the most important is its use for the security of the country. Our country also needed it during the Battle of Kargil. You all know that when Pakistan fraudulently captured the hill post of the stolen Kargil, India asked for GPS access from the US so that we could accurately locate the Pakistani’s real location but the US did not allow it.

If America had given us access to it, then that war would have ended in no time and many of our soldiers would not have been martyrs. Taking inspiration from this and realizing the importance of Navigation, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) started working on it.

Types of Services of NavIC?

NavIC will provide two types of services to its users. 

  1. Standard Positioning Service (SPS) – This service will be available to all users.
  2. Restricted Service (RS) – This is an encrypted service and will be available only to authorized users.

NavIC Currently has 8 Satellites Which are:

  • IRNSS-1A
  • IRNSS-1B
  • IRNSS-1C
  • IRNSS-1D
  • IRNSS-1E
  • IRNSS-1F
  • IRNSS-1G
  • IRNSS-1.

How to Use NavIC on Your Smartphone?

Till now, we all have been using GPS (Global Positioning System) for navigation on our smartphones. But now we will be able to use our country’s navigation system, i.e. NavIC. It is being said to be better and more accurate than GPS. NavIC can provide aerial, marine, and terrestrial navigation. It will be helpful for disaster management, fleet management, vehicle tracking, and more.

NavIC will be available to the smartphone users just like any other feature. It will be an in-built feature in their smartphone chips and work just like GPS. The usage will be similar to GPS but much better than it in terms of user experience. 

  • What are the Benefits of NavIC for Smartphone Users?

    • Position Accuracy

It is being expected to provide a position accuracy of better than 20 meters in the primary service area. NavIC uses dual frequency bands – S-band and L5 band, which helps it to be more accurate than GPS, which uses only L bands.

    • Enhanced Location Tracking

GPS lacks in navigating through dense urban environments. But NavIC will improve location tracking by helping you locate your way even in densely built areas.

    • Improved & Precise Timing

Users will experience improved timing in navigation facilities. Since Indian satellites will now track locations, it will be faster as compared to GPS. 

    • Visual & Voice Navigation

NavIC will provide visual as well as voice navigation to its users.

GPS vs NavIC – What is the Difference Between NavIC and GPS:

GPS vs NavIC





According to data provided by the US government, GPS has 33 satellites. It is replicating the old satellite over time and also adding new satellites. NavIC has 7 satellites, will also try to add ISRO and satellite to it. The number of satellites here may seem small, but they are exclusive to India.


GPS, as the name suggests, is the Global Positioning System for the entire globe.

NavIC only give India and its neighbors


The accuracy of GPS for the public is 20 meters. NavIC’s accuracy for the public is 20 meters.

Which Smartphones Support the NavIC System?

Currently, NavIC is not operative on any smartphone. Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 supports NavIC. But the smartphones will support NavIC technology only after the final software updates. Soon you will be able to buy the best phone under 20000 with NavIC technology. Let us have a look at the smartphones with NavIC that are available in the market.

    • Realme X50 Pro

Realme X50 Pro is the first smartphone to have NavIC as the navigation feature. This phone comes with Snapdragon 865, quad-camera setup and 5g capability. This phone can detect India’s NavIC satellites with a Wi-Fi connection. Although it is unable to detect all the satellites at present, the issue will get resolved with future updates.

    • iQOO3

This phone from Vivo also comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. But this phone will support NavIC only after future updates. 

NavIC, with its advantages and befits, will replace GPS in India soon. Qualcomm has already created chipsets that support NavIC technology. 

With the increase in demand and competition, more smartphone companies will come up with phones that will support NavIC. 

Smartphone companies may introduce budget phones with NavIC support. This will enable people to buy the best phone under 10000 with this technology.

Now that you know all about NavIC, its usage, and benefits, you can plan to buy a new smartphone that supports this navigation system.

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