Things To Know About Language Interpretation During Your Conference

Dubai is a multi-ethnic city with people speaking various languages. It is very important when planning a conference to ensure that attendees understand whatever is said. This requires the use of conference interpretation equipment. This enables interpreters to render a message from the floor language into another simultaneously. 

A conference likely to attract an international audience requires a range of equipment to allow interpreting between two languages. This allows every attendee to understand whatever is said without hassle.

Interpreters in soundproof interpretation booths about 6 by 6 inches to receive live audio or video feed of the speaker on the stage for interpretation.

The interpreter speaks into the microphone for broadcasting through wireless transmitters and receivers. These are readily accessible by everyone at the conference. 

Methods for Transmitting Interpretation to the Audience

Radio Frequency 

Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters are easy and flexible to set up in various environments. These transmit through various objects eliminating worry about line of sight. RF transmitters are used indoors and outdoors and virtually placed anywhere. Apart from conferences, portable RF radio transmitters are used in factories, during sightseeing tours, museums, and employee meetings. 


This type of transmission is more secure for its line of sight requirements. These limitations allow infrared interpretation equipment ideal for confidential and highly secure events.

It eliminates the possibility of interception. When considering conference equipment rental in Dubai, infrared interpretation equipment is a better choice for superior audio quality. You will be sure about no radio interferences from other sources such as wireless microphones and lighting systems. 

This transmission equipment can have about 32 separate channels for simultaneous transmission. However, you need to have appropriate labor for the installation. Additionally, this type of equipment is better for indoor events.  The infrared transmission doesn’t transmit between solid objects and requires proper positioning for optimized use and sound distribution. 

Frequency Modulation (FM) Radio Communication 

This is another method to broadcast interpretation during a conference. Frequency of the carrier wave varies according to polarity and amplitude of the input signal. This transmission operates from 88 to 108 MHz frequency making it less prone to interference from electromagnet compared to amplitude (AM) modulation.

However, FM radio transmission is a bit insecure for being prone to interferences from outside sources depending on your frequency. Additionally, your choice of frequency determines the number of languages to transmit on the floor. You have to work with a professional team to help you decide the right transmission method to use for language interpretation transmission during your conference. 

Choosing a Language Interpretation Partner

Before selecting a language interpretation partner, you need to ask some important questions. This allows finding out as much as you can about them before putting pen to paper. Ask about the company experience and portfolio of successful conferences they have managed. The ideal company should understand your project requirements. This ensures ending up with the right equipment for seamless transmission of language interpretation during your event. 

Why hire language interpretation equipment 

Boosting Attendance

Offering interpretation at your conference attracts people from all walks of life. Conference interpretation allows everyone to understand what the speaker on the flow is saying in their own language. Limiting language barrier allows easy access to the message from the speaker. Knowing that there is going to be interpretation draws more people to an event regardless of language. 

Interpretation during a conference encourages engagement and makes people get excited about various topics. International attendees who have spent time and money to attend will get the most of their presence.  Interpretation makes everyone to express themselves without worry that the other person doesn’t understand their language. 

Builds Reputation

When looking forward to growing an international audience, offering interpretation during a conference is a wonderful idea. Everyone who attends can hear the messaged from the speaker in their preferred language.

This allows attendees to get appropriate knowledge and support to make them not to hesitate to come to your other conferences in the future. Exceeding the expectations of everyone by offering interpretation is a great way to build an international reputation. 

Enhances Understanding

People today can speak more than one language. However, knowledge of other languages can’t match native level. Therefore during a conference with another language, the person is likely to miss out some important information.

Luckily, when you use interpretation services for conference everyone can get the message in their local language. This allows clearing understanding what the speaker is saying including all nuances of the language. 

Bottom line

Dubai is a city of various nationalities. Backed by the fact that it is an international business hub, there are obviously various languages spoken here. When organizing a conference never hesitate to hire interpretation equipment for your event.

Attendees will love getting the speaker’s message in their own languages. A conference with handy interpretation equipment for everyone usually attracts a larger number of attendees.  

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