How to Speedup your Old Smartphone | Tips & Trick

Are You Worried about Smartphone’s Slow Speed?

Do you have a smartphone? of course, you have that’s why you are here. Do you also suffer your smartphones slow speed?  Today we will tell you some important Tips & Tricks that will definitely work for you & tell you How to  Speedup your phone. Many of the times smartphone slow down due to our rubbish activities.

In the beginning, the smartphone runs fine, but over time, the user would realize that his phone is not working fast as before. There may be several reasons behind the slowing of smartphones. If you are also troubled by your smartphone, then try the pan-tips described below.

Remove the Unnecessary items, wallpaper, and other gear

The apps should install in the phone according to the storage. With the presence of a large number of apps, the smartphone can also be slow. When the phone starts slowing down, ask yourself how many of these apps are used by you. It is wise to remove the apps that are not needed by you.

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It is also worth mentioning here that there are some in-built applications already installed in the phone, which can not be removed.  They should be disabled. There are many live wallpapers available in the Google Play Store.

Let’s say that a large number of widgets on the live wallpaper and home screens also slow down the smartphone. If you want to save the phone from being slow then keep StaticWallpaper and the widget on the home screen that is necessary for you.

Clear the Cache Memory

When you open or use any app some of the data occupied in cache memory so the app can perform the task faster. This is also the reason for having a smartphone slow. It is advisable to regularly delete the cache of the app you use most. After clearing the cache whenever the app will be used again, it will begin to re-accumulate.

Let’s now tell you that the easy way to remove cache. To delete the cache, first go to Settings> Apps. Click the app here to clear the cache. After clicking, you have to click on the ‘Clear Cache’ option. You can also do it by Settings> Storage>Cache>Clear Cache or you can use 3rd party app to do this.

Clear the inbuilt storage

Always remember one thing and that is that if you want to save the phone from slowing down, then it is advisable that free up the 10 to 20% storage of total inbuilt storage available. When the storage about to full, the phone starts slowing down.

It is thus advised to cleaning the cache, place only those apps which are of your work in the smartphone. If your phone also has low inbuilt storage, then the best option is to move the pictures, music and video files in the MicroSD card from the internal storage. Some apps can also be moved from the inbuilt storage to the card. To do this, you have to go to Settings> App, Click move to SD Card.

Update the Firmware

Smartphone’s firmware update also offers a variety of improvements in the phone, mainly including Performance Optimization. If you have a complaint from your handset then you should go to settings and check that whether your phone has received software updates from the company. To check, go to Settings> System> About> Software Updates. If any software updates are available, then we recommend that you take the backup before updating the phone.

Keep your stuff in the cloud

The new storage of 2017 is uploading files to the fashion cloud. This not only makes our data accessible to devices but frees up valuable internal storage on the phone which can be used by applications installed on the device. Keep in mind that internal storage plays an important role in the performance of your Android phone.

Use lighter versions of apps, if available

Many popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Opera have their own ‘Lite’ version too. These lightweight apps are often designed for entry-level smartphones and for those users who want to keep things simple.

Using light versions for apps can improve your Android phone’s performance. And they also reduce your data bills, because this is one reason why such apps exist.

A simple restart is what your Android phone needs sometimes

This thing applies to our computers; Restarting machines can help them to make their way through tough times. Similarly, this may be the case of the device. When you reboot your device, it removes temporary files to speed up Android and also clears the phone memory.

Disable the Animation

Animations work primarily between graphical transitions in menus, app drawers, and other interface locations. Animations remain active during the smartphone use, it only works to improve the phone experience. If you feel that your smartphone is starting to slow down then disable it.

It is also worth mentioning that disabling it is not an easy task if you do not have proper knowledge of it because this option is often hidden in ‘Developers options‘. Developer options you will find in settings.

In the developer option, you will see all the animations you want, then you can turn them off. Be sure not to tamper with any other option in the developer option.

If nothing works, Do factory Reset

This is your last resort. If you are not familiar with technicality, your device is no more in the official Android OS update cycle and you don’t want third-party apps to clear date for you, perform a factory reset.

A factory reset will restore the phone to the condition the manufacturer shipped it in. The option can be found in the Settings page. Make sure you backup everything before doing a factory reset.

Note: Before Buying any Smartphone check the details about the processor, RAM, ROM, Battery, Camera, So in future your user experience would not get ruined.

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