How Foreigners Can Tie The Knot In Dubai

The UAE follows Sharia law. This law has strict considerations to make a bond between a man and a woman a legal relationship. Non-adherence comes with serious consequences. The economic boom in Dubai is driving more and more foreigners to set up businesses here. Additionally, professionals are flocking to settle down in the UAE to provide manpower for the developments and to raise families. 

Legal Marriage Requirements 

Islam considers marriage a legal contract between two people being a man and a woman. This safeguards the rights of both parties and their children. Getting married in the UAE requires getting registered in the Sharia court. This ensures all legal requirements to get married are fulfilled.

You have to do your homework before taking the step. Luckily, a reputable law firm can help you understand how the process goes. 

Expatriates Getting Married in UAE

Certain rules and regulations are followed for expatriates to get married in the UAE. However, these depend on nationality and religion. You can always consult a family lawyer to guide you. It is easier to get married when from a similar religion compared to those from different religions. A Christian man has to convert to marry a Muslim woman.

The laws of your home country apply for non-Muslims wishing to get married in the UAE. Possession of a residence visa is required. For a spouse with a visit visa, undergoing an appropriate medical examination is required before you can get married in the UAE. 

Legal requirements 

To get married in Dubai, the fulfillment of all residency requirements is mandatory. The appropriate paperwork before getting married takes about 4 weeks. Birth certificate attestation in UAE is required for proof that both partners are above 18 years and are not related.

Two witnesses are required with proper identification. Keep in mind that the legal requirements vary according to nationality. The rule of thumb is to check with your home embassy for legal requirements to get married in Dubai. 

Types of Weddings for Foreigners in Dubai 

Christian Weddings 

This depends on the nationalities of the couple but the respective embassy is better suited to offer all appropriate information. Passports and signing affidavits are required to prove that partners are not married. Additionally, there should not be any objections to the marriage. You can get married at your embassy or church. When from different nationalities, your embassies are better suited to guide you through the process. 

For a marriage in an English speaking church, the certificate is in English. However, this is translated into Arabic by a court-approved translator to make the marriage legal.

Afterward, your documents are submitted to the Notary Public Office at Dubai Courts to get certified. Afterward, the documents need authentication by Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs before taking them to your embassy. You can enlist services of a professional attestation agency to handle this process on your behalf. 

Islamic marriage

You need UAE residence visas and the father of the bride or his Dubai based marriage lawyer accompanies you to get married. Two male Muslim witnesses are required. The custodian and witnesses carry their passports and copies of other identification papers. Where applicable, a divorce or death certificate of an ex is required. 

For a Muslim bride with a non-Muslim father, a letter of no-objection from the embassy is required. This is translated into Arabic with attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A requisite fee is paid after producing appropriate documents to get a marriage license. 

Mixed religion wedding

For a Muslim bridegroom and a non-Muslim bride, the procedures are regulated by the Marriage section of the Dubai court. Marriage between a Muslim bride and non-Muslim bridegroom is possible after the bridegroom converts to Islam.

Marriage involving other religions apart from Islam and Christianity, only your respective embassies understand the appropriate procedures. Keep in mind that Christian churches allow marriage between Christian bridegroom and bride. 

Getting a marriage license in Dubai 

Regardless of which type of marriage you choose, you need a marriage certificate to legalize your marriage in Dubai. A certificate in English requires translation into Arabic by a court-approved translator. Afterward, both versions of the certificate are taken to the Notary public Dubai for authentication.

The certifications need further authentication from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and your embassy. Fortunately, you can get a professional agency to handle your certification legalization process. 

Bottom line

Dubai is a wonderful destination to live in. With less chances of crime and very good standards of living, life here is like heaven. However, Sharia law is strict regarding associations between men and women.

Getting your marriage legalized is the best thing to do to avoid mishaps. With various options for foreigners to get married, most important is having your marriage certificate legalized by authorities. Fortunately, you can enlist a professional agency to handle the process on your behalf. 

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