5 Simple Hair Care Habits You Need To Adopt Right Now

Haircare has always been a concern for many of us, and we are stuck with dos and don’ts for healthy and shiny hair. Hair problems bother us at some point or the other, and when we get into treatments, we think if it could be few minutes daily rather than long hours in the treatment.

What if we tell you that some simple habits can keep you away from much botheration? Surprised?

One of them is to use natural products to shield hair from chemical damage. Try Hair fall control products that are made using certified 100% organic ingredients. With this, inculcate these simple habits in your routine for every day to be a good hair day:

  1. Washing and Combing

  • Avoid over-washing hair as it takes away natural oils and moisture from the hair, causing increased hair fall and dull hair. Limit the number of washes to 2-3 times a week.
  • Always gently massage shampoo to the scalp.
  • Conditioner is a must after every wash for moist, soft, and shiny hair
  • Do not brush wet hair as it weakens the roots.
  • Brush gently using a wide-toothed brush twice a day. This will promote blood circulation and hair growth and reduce natural oil build-up.
  1. Styling tools

We love styling our hair, at times sleek straight hair and sometimes bouncy curls. Using styling tools regularly dry and damage hair. Here is what you should do:

  • Do not blow-dry hair regularly and let the hair dry naturally. If necessary, use a hairdryer at the lowest heat setting.
  • Minimize using heat tools to style your hair once a week or only when necessary
  • Use a naturally made heat protection spray before curling or straightening hair to protect against frizz and brittle hair.
  • Always use quality products and tools.
  1. Satin or silk pillowcase

Can pillowcases too affect hair? The answer is yes.

  • Cotton pillows absorb all the moisture from the hair and dry them out. Moreover, cotton causes more fiction resulting in tangles hair, hair breakage, and hair fall.
  • On the other hand, if you start using satin or silk pillow covers, they are gentle on skin, scalp and hair. They cause no friction when you toss and turn in sleep and cause the least hair fall and damage. They do not absorb hair moisture, not letting your hair dry out and contribute immensely to hair fall control.
  1. Hello Dresser!

The hairdresser might have told you many times to get a haircut more often than you do, and you avoid him every time.

  • Let us tell you he is not wrong. Get your hair trimmed once every three months. This way, you get the right hair length and trim out those thin and spilt-ends. Your hair will look healthier and shiny, promoting good hair growth.
  • We also love trying new looks and more often opt for hair colours, rebonding, and other styles and treatments. Get one style at a time to avoid harming your hair from explosion of chemicals in your scalp. Keep gaps between different treatments and nourish your hair with natural masks and oils.
  1. Switch products according to weather

Climatic changes affect the scalp and hair growth. It is necessary to select products to address the particular seasonal problems.

  • In summers, the scalp tends to be oilier and attracts dirt. The result is infection and hair fall, and so you require oil control hair fall products.
  • Winters can be harsh and steal the moisture from the hair, making them dry and frizzy. Switch to deep conditioning hair masks and hot oil massages with organic oil and essential oils to nourish and revitalize hair.
  • Hair fall is inevitable in monsoon. Always was hair after they get wet in the rain and apply conditioner. Massage your hair with coconut oil twice a week.

It is rightly said that small changes make a big difference. Adopt these habits, and we assure you they will be a conversation starter.

Let your hair do the talking and fall in love with the locks and hair fall control products for the shiny, bouncy, and healthy hair they are sure to bestow you.

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