What kind of Stock you should prefer for your Eyelash Packaging Box?

While every kind of product needs protection from tampering factors and harsh weather conditions, hair and eyelash extensions are quite fragile. Being in eyelash extension manufacturing and retail business, you need to get well-acquainted with quality printing materials, their features and price range.

Choosing the right kind of stock is imperative to the longevity of your product range. It is also crucial for establishing credibility in the market as a business that is professional and trustworthy.

If you have a dependable printing service provider, ask for the popularly used printing material options for extension packaging. You need to do a bit of research on the available and trending stocks to pick one that is finest in texture and can be printed with your desired customization choices.

Don’t make a hasty decision, always evaluate the options at hand and pick the one that best suits your eyelash packaging and branding needs!

Cardboard for Your Custom Eyelash Packaging

Cardboard is one of the favored packaging printing materials. The stock is liked because of its sturdiness and the ability to get crafted in any preferred die-cut shape, size, and style.

Whether you want windows, flaps or any other kind of packaging style for your boxes for eyelash extensions, this material is a likable option. Have a detailed overview of the variety of cardboard material available in the market.

You will come across varying thickness and other features, a printer can tell you which cardboard quality is used for retail packaging ventures, you can check out the specifications for it and customize the boxes according to your needs. 

Kraft Paper Packaging for Eyelash Box

Kraft paper is replacing all other material for printing and packaging because of its biodegradability. The stock is chemical-free and lightweight. It has an earthy appeal and can be customized for any industry and product. Do your analysis of different kinds of kraft brown paper and see which kind you can utilize for your eyelash packaging box.

Make sure that the kraft material you pick is strong enough to provide protection to your product range from shock, moisture, and other external factors. Share your concerns with the printer and evaluate the pros and cons of using this material before finalizing it. If you have never used kraft for packaging, have a look at sample products to evaluate its utility better. 

Buxboard and other Options

Buxboard is also a widely utilized printing material for retail products that you can consider. However, cardboard and kraft paper are better options when it comes to sustainable retail packaging. 

Corrugated material and its variations are also used for a number of product packaging endeavors but it is mostly preferred for shipping and heavy/bigger quantity of items. 

Whichever stock you like for your eyelash packaging, select it after thorough research, analysis, and discussion with an expert and your printer. Having poor or low-quality packaging for your lash extension is likely to impact the shelf life of your product range.

Don’t fall for unbelievably cheap printing stocks for your product packaging, some printers sell them only for the sake of making money. Be careful with choosing the stock variation and finishing options as they are likely to play a significant role in creating an overall impact on your packaging. 

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