Tips to Choose a Reliable E-Waste Management Service

What is E-Waste?

E-Waste is old electronic goods that people give away to garbage pickers or sell to scrap dealers. Most of the time, these are dumped into landfills or other similar sites.

Why Manage E-Waste?

Electronics and present-day gadgets are storehouses for dangerous elements that react with air and water. As a result, the planet suffers from issues such as water, air, and soil pollution. This, in turn, can affect human and animal health seriously in the form of fatal diseases.

Examples of E-Waste

Everything that falls into the category ‘Electronics’ is referred to as ‘e-waste’. Some of the best examples include:

  • Cells/Batteries
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Television
  • Music stations
  • Gaming consoles

The Solution of E-Waste

There are a number of methods to manage e-waste. The most important of all is to dispose of electronic items in the right way. Each item should be handled differently. Getting in touch with the right e-waste management company will help. Although choosing one may seem to be a tough task (with so many of them around); you must make some efforts to reach out to the best.

Here are some Tips on Choosing a Good E-Waste Management Service:
  • Reliability

The company you choose should be reliable otherwise be prepared to experience inconveniences such as not having your waste collected on time. This may also lead to increased Health & Safety risks to your home and business. The e-waste management organization should be able to do regular collections in a timely manner.

  • Credentials

Where does the waste go? Will it be destroyed, recycled or sold-out without harming the environment? It is important for you to know where your waste goes. Getting in touch with a highly accredited waste company that has recycling-led focus is the best way.

The company should adhere to the legislative guidelines. It should also have reputed and renowned accreditations to show you. Ask if the company aims to achieve zero landfills in the long term. The waste management company you choose should be able to demonstrate improved recycling rates. It should also support your environmental policies.

  • Customer Service

Does the company focus on offering customer service? It is not uncommon for issues to occur. However, dealing with these issues is important. Customers are more likely to stay with an e-waste company that offers the best customer service. So make sure the company you choose has a customer care team that deals with queries faster and in a professional way. Good service is of utmost importance.

  • Added Services

Businesses need to prove they are fully equipped, trained, and experienced in disposing off their waste correctly. These organizations must emphasize on offering the best services including some additional facilities that encourage clients to manage e-waste on their own.

Apart from instructions on effective e-waste management, the company may offer facilities such as separate food waste bins (green and brown), secure waste disposal guarantee for hazardous waste, secure shredding of dangerous elements, etc. These services will ensure your safety and save money, efforts, and time on your part.

  • Cost

A lot of organizations may take this serious job as a business. You need to reach out to one that focuses on getting the right balance between genuine price and quality of service. Usually, services that charge a little higher offer better facilities, reliability, and some additional services. They also have a team dedicated team for improving present processes to ensure your waste management runs smoothly. The quality and reputation of the company are more important. Compare services and prices well before making a decision.

India’s First E-Waste Plant

India’s IT capital Bangalore is also third place in e-waste production in the country. According to 2016 data, India produces 18.5 lakh metric tonnes of electronic waste every year, but 92,000 metric tons are produced from Bengaluru.

The Center, considering that Bangalore is one of the largest e-waste producers at the national level, has decided to sanction India’s first government-run e-waste recycling unit. Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET), a research institute that belongs to the Ministry, established the unit in Bangaru.

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