Why Bakuchiol in Skincare is a Popular Alternative to Retinol

If pampering skin is your routine, you must be versed with the benefits of retinol in skin care products and what wonder it does to your skin.

And if you have been browsing for skincare products lately, we are sure that bakuchiol range of skincare products have caught your attention.

By now, you must have read all about it, but the question remains if bakuchiol is better than retinol?

Let’s take some pointers and begin the battle to meet the winner:

  1. Which is Better: Plant-based or Animal-based?

Bakuchiol is a plant-based antioxidant derived from babchi or Psoralea Corylifolia plant. It has medicinal value and has been used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicines for curing many skin and health problems for ages.

On the other hand, retinol is a type of third strongest retinoid that is majorly obtained from animal-based food products. It is a type of Vitamin A that the body absorbs from animal products.

Winner: Though the elements of bakuchiol and retinol are similar, we will take Bakuchiol as a winner here because it is a cruelty-free, vegan, and environment-friendly ingredient. Bakuchiol: 1 Retinol: 0

  1. Do both of these have Anti-ageing properties?

Retinol and bakuchiol both contribute to cell renewal and collagen production. These are anti-ageing components that reverse signs of ageing.

Both retinol and bakuchiol reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation and improve skin elasticity and tone.

Despite the positive notes, retinol use results in side effects like dry skin, flakiness, and skin scaling.

Winner: Although the side effects of retinol are apparent, we cannot overlook its benefits in skincare products. Retinol is being used for a long in skincare products, and it is a blessing to the skin. Bakuchiol does the same magic, and therefore, it’s a tie and win-win because of their age-reversing benefits to the skin.

  1. Are these Pregnancy safe?

Retinol consists of vitamin A which is harmful to unborn babies and nursing mothers. It can result in miscarriage, birth health problems, and premature delivery.

Does that mean bakuchiol is a safe alternative?

As bakuchiol is a plant-based natural ingredient, it is considered to be safe for use in pregnancy. As there are numerous researches still going on in this concern, it is suggested to consult a doctor before using bakuchiol in pregnancy.

Winner: Bakuchiol is a plant-based natural ingredient that is safe to use over retinol skincare products during pregnancy and for nursing mothers.

  1. How about my Sensitive Skin?

It has been observed that many people are intolerant to retinol. It causes burning, irritation, inflammation, scaling, and dermatitis in many people. Retinol is harsh on sensitive skin and results in flaking and skin drying.

Bakuchiol is soft on skin and ideal for sensitive skin and dry skin. It is a good alternative to retinol for people with skin sensitivity and dermatitis.

Winner: Bakuchiol is a godsend for sensitive skin or rosacea and dermatitis skin that wants to be young, healthy, and glowing.

  1. Are these good for long-term use?

In the researches so far, it has been established that retinol does not give any incremental effect over time.

Contrarily, its counterpart, bakuchiol, has resulted in skin improvement over time with regular use in the morning and night regime. Bakuchiol has incorporated benefits of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties as well that help skin to rejuvenate, even out, and radiate.

Winner: Bakuchiol has no side effects in the long run, and its continuous use improves skin texture and makes skin glow and youthful. Bakuchiol is clearly a winner here!

Bakuchiol wins against retinol because it has all the goodness of retinol along with eliminating the side effects of retinol. It is truly a great alternative to retinol, especially for sensitive skin and uses in the long term.

To sum up, the plant-based ingredient in your bakuchiol night recovery crème is something your skin will love. Include bakuchiol in your skincare routine now, and thank us later.

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