7 Quick Ways to Make Money before Christmas

Christmas is not far off. You must be anxiously waiting for the moment of celebration. Pompoms, frills, and a lot of presents will have begun to swirl around in your mind, evoking a sense of excitement and pleasure. 

However, the fun time means draining your money. Post-Christmas, most of the people end up being broke – unable to pay off even their regular expenses – let alone debt payments. Therefore, you should brainstorm some ideas for earning extra cash. 

Hardly a few weeks are left until Christmas, so you may think that it is too late, but there is still some time. If you know the right way to earn money, you can make money without further ado. 

Get rid of Cast-off things

Are you thinking to work as a freelancer? This will not work for you at all. To earn money as quickly as possible, you need to think in a different way. 

Look around your house and you will find a lot of stuff that is undesirable. Whether it is worn out clothes or running-down furniture, do not hesitate to sell it. Even a few bucks can help you face cash shortfalls during and post Christmas. 

  • Take your stuff to thrift stores. This is the fastest way to sell things.
  • Contact online auction sites. It can be a good way to reach a large market.
  • Some social media sites have groups dedicated to selling cast-off stuff. You can approach these groups to get rid of it.

Make a Viral YouTube Video

YouTube is the best platform to earn money. Once your video gets popular, you will start making money based on a number of views. To make quick money, try to upload viral content. 

It should be engaging and tempting so that each viewer refers to others to watch your video. Once your video goes viral, sponsors will contact you to show ads through your content and then you will start making money through ads too. 

Get a Job in a Retail Store

Retail stores hire executives to handle customers during the carnival season. You do not need to be formal to apply for a store job. Just step out and contact a nearby store. It is an excellent way to work on weekends and evenings to earn extra cash. After your full-time job, spending a few hours in stores will help you make the most of your holidays. 

Rent a Room

If you have a spare room in your house, renting it out can be a good option to flood your pockets with money. Advertise your rental for prompt search. From newspapers to online ads, whatever seems suitable and fits your budget. However, be honest with your listing to avoid problems down the road.    

Teach English to Students of Other languages

Do you think you have a good command over English? If yes, this will help you make a good amount of money. Several foreigners join coaching to improve their communication skills. You can get such candidates near the university and hostel area. 

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Invest a little money in leaflets and distribute them. You can also join institutes that aim at providing English classes to students of other languages. However, teaching individuals will be a better option because you can work as per your own schedule and you will charge on an hourly basis. 

Remember that you need to have teaching experience, and you should have the internet and a computer. 

Provide Delivery Services

This is the festival season, which means a number of people will start placing orders. From drugstores to restaurants, everyone needs people who run errands. While there are numerous retail stores, drugstores, and restaurants, you can contact any of them to offer your delivery services. 

Hourly-based money will add up your savings quickly. You can also work in grocery stores as either as a full-time shopper or an in-store shopper. If the former is the case, you will have to buy groceries for customers and deliver them at the doorstep. You can work in a more flexible schedule, but you need to have your own vehicle. 

If you are an in-store shopper, you will have to buy groceries for customers and then they will pick from the store. You do not need to have a car, but it requires a strict schedule. You can choose any of the options based on your current condition.


Parents often need good babysitters. They have more evenings and events they need to attend leaving their babies with sitters for care. This is the best opportunity to make quick money before Christmas. 

However, before you advertise your services, you need to know if there is anyone in your area looking for a babysitter. Some babysitting websites allow you to know about people who need your service as well as advertising your service.

If you have additional skills such as cleaning, tutoring, your pay and the chances of being hired will be higher. 

It is not too late. You can earn money by using the ways mentioned above. These ways can help you have a good amount of money. However, you may still face cash shortfall during the celebration. Do not need to worry because you can take out Christmas loans from Theeasyloans.uk a direct lender in the UK. 

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