5 Different Types of Corporate Videos for Social Media     

Did you know that 93% of companies land a new customer with the help of a social media video? They say a picture can speak a thousand words, but a video could contain thousands of pictures! That’s why brands worldwide leverage video content to attract new customers while helping the existing customers with more information. 

When you hire video production companies such as Video Outcomes social media videos videos produced by them can be exactly what you need to stand out in today’s highly competitive, highly digital market. You can be assured of getting professional videos with high production value while saving a lot of resources and money. 

Though you can post a video on one platform and share its link everywhere, it’s best to create different videos for different social media platforms. To help you with that, here are five types of corporate videos you can make for social media.

  • Behind the scenes videos

People love to see what goes around behind the scenes, whether it’s their favourite music band, TV show, or even their favourite brand. This is because people are curious about how their favourite products are made. 

Brands can satisfy that curiosity by creating behind-the-scenes or BTS videos about different background operations usually not seen by the customer. 

For example, a pizza delivery brand can create a video about how their pizza base is made in-house and only uses fresh vegetables and toppings. They can also create a timeline video starting from how the pizza dough is made until the pizza reaches their customer. 

It can give the customer great insights into the brand and help them to relate to it better. The customers will know how much time and effort it takes to create the product.

  • Q&A videos

Customers usually have a lot of burning questions about their favourite brands. Sadly, their voices go unheard as brands often do not provide a platform or ways for customers to ask their questions and get satisfactory answers. The questions need not necessarily be about the product or the service. 

Sometimes the customers want to know about how your company was started or the inspiration behind your latest product.  

Thankfully, Q&A videos provide the best solution to this problem. Brands can invite thought leaders, experts, team members, or customers to shoot a video about an interview or a Q&A session. The questions can be prepared by yourself or collected from the customers. 

  • Product review video

78% of people admit that they make faster buying decisions when they can see product videos by the brand. Product videos are a great way to showcase the best features of your product and give more information to your customers. 

Moreover, as product videos usually contain high-quality video shots, they need to be done by professional video teams. You can share these product videos on social media platforms, personal messengers, emails, forums, e-commerce stores, customer support, etc. A single high-quality video has superb usability.

As it makes no sense to hire an entire video product team, it is best to outsource your videos and get companies such as Video Outcomes to do your social media videos to get high production value while saving a lot of money. 

  • Product reveal or announcement video

If your brand plans to launch a new product or make an exciting assignment, you can create a video and share it on social media platforms. You can build curiosity around the event by sharing the teasers of the video a few days before the actual event or announcement.

  • Livestream

Livestreams have become widely popular and accepted by numerous brands. Businesses can livestream their events, behind the scenes, and Q&A videos too.

Social media videos are highly effective when it comes to bringing new customers and engaging the existing ones. Make sure you hire the best video production company to shoot top-notch videos for your brand.

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