How To Calculate FD Rates In India

The stability of interest income applicable to FDs captivates several investors. Fixed Deposits (FDs) – one of the most secured investments. Interest earned on FDs can be paid periodically (non-cumulative FD) or compounded and paid upon maturity (cumulative FD) as per the preference of the investor. But if you want to maximize returns on your … Read more

Credit Card Payment Through Net Banking

Credit cards no doubt, manage most of our significant expenses, especially at the times of emergencies; however, if you don’t make payments on time, it can affect your credit score negatively. It is thus considerate to pay the credit bills on time.  Credit Card Payment Through Net Banking: There are different modes of paying your … Read more

What is Loan Against Insurance Policy & When can it be Used?

There are numerous ways of generating finance in India. A potential borrower can either opt for secured loans, unsecured loans, or acquire funds from his family. However, one financing method that is still not that common is a loan against the insurance policy. This financing service has existed ever since people started investing in insurance … Read more

Are You Prepared for Emergencies? Find Out With These 6 Financial Checks

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of attention to emergency planning. As soon as the lockdowns were announced, emotions were running high, and people all over the world started stocking groceries and medicines to get ready for an emergency situation. But for most people, financial planning in this emergency was more of an afterthought.  … Read more

Why Choose Fixed Deposit over Gold

Gold and fixed deposits are considered as the two popular sources of utilizing your idle funds for the investments. If you are an investor, who has the appetite to handle the risks, then you can invest in gold, whereas an investor who wants the guaranteed returns on their investments should certainly invest in a fixed … Read more

FD Investment: Smart Ways to Invest in Fixed Deposit

We all want the highest return from an investment but we often fail to do so because of lack of expertise. We are going to look at some of the ways to get the highest return on investment when investing in a fixed deposit. FD rates today are on a downward spree because of economic … Read more

EPF Vs PPF: Difference Between EPF and PPF

Get a detailed analysis of EPF Vs PPF. Know about difference, comparison, and which is better between the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) & Public Provident Fund (EPF). Provident Fund (PF) or the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is the monetary benefit you receive during retirement. All salaried employees who are a resident of India are eligible … Read more

5 Common Myths Related to Personal Loans

Personal loans work as an excellent means for people to meet their immediate financial expenses. Unlike as in case of auto loans, home loans etc., the amount availed through personal loans can be put to any use, depending upon the borrower’s priorities. Another factor that sets them apart is their unsecured nature. It implies that … Read more

How to Use and Pay with a Debit Card?

What is Debit Card A Debit Card is a plastic payment card to make any transaction at the Bank ATM or to the merchant. Unlike another plastic card like a credit card, any transaction is done through a debit card that transfers the money from the bank account of a cardholder. With the debit card, … Read more

Why is SDP Better than Any Other Monthly Saving Schemes?

A savings tool allowing individuals to save a small amount every month, Systematic Deposit Plans offer unique features. Primarily offering a plan which helps in building a considerable corpus for the future, systematic deposit plans allow individuals to achieve their financial plans and goals by slow saving along with high returns. Why is Systematic Deposit … Read more